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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  October 25, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. this is wjztv, wjzhd and baltimore. from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland's news station. brazen attacks, 6 people brutally beat up and rob a group of tourests. tonight police search for the attackers. hello, everybody, i'm denise koch and here's what people are talking about. out of nowhere 6 people jump a group of tourists. wjz is live, kelly mcpherson explains one was armed with a knife, kelly. >> reporter: police say 6 suspects beat three men so badly that they had to go to the hospital and they chased another man through the hotel lobby with a knife.
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>> men visiting baltimore stood outside their high end hotel the enter continental when they were jumped by 6 people including a woman. >> one of the suspects approached and said, are you laughing at me an from there the victims were beaten. >> first class hotel here you don't usually see this kind of riffraff coming through here. >> reporter: one hotel employee tells me that the victims were very intoxicated and when they came outside to see the men lying on the ground they were so badly beaten they thought they were dead. >> there's crazy people walking around everywhere. >> especially around here at night you don't really walk around by yourself. you never know what's coming. >> do you walk around down here. >> yeah, i'm from around here, they don't bother me. >> reporter: police don't know why these men were assaulted and robbed but say tourists
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obvious have targets on their backs. >> they know people down here have money. >> reporter: the suspects chased one man with a knife through the lobby eventually taking his wallet. >> it's devastating to lose a wallet especially when you're visiting a city, so the -- >> reporter: police say technology will help in this case. they are still scrolling through footage and using other evidence. today, no suspects have been named, wjz eyewitness news. thank you, kelly, anyone with information about this should call baltimore city police. we are following breaking news right now. judge john preif is died tonight. he was taken to mercy hospital after complaining of chest pains this afternoon. he was the chief judge of the circuit court of baltimore
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city. tonight five cars collided right at the height of rush hour. you could see the mess. at least five vehicles were involved. it backed up traffic for miles. police shut down the interstate while a medical helicopter landed to take one person to the hospital. a college professor is murdered in her home in maryland and tonight her killer is on the run. 52-year-old sue marcum taught accounting. her boyfriend found her dead in her home in bethesda. there are signs someone entered the home by force. her jeep cherokee is also missing. her students are devastated. >> fantastic professor. >> just shock. just everyone looked around in bewilderment. >> reporter: police hope
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tracking down marcum's jeep could lead them to her killer. it is a 1999 tan and gold cherokee. a swimmer and olympic hopeful dies in the middle of a race. michael phelps says it's a tragic loss, that we lost a great person and a swimmer. jim axle rod on how the temperature of the water could have played a part in the death. >> world class open water swimmer knew it was hot. with the air near 100 degrees and water in the upper 80s maybe too hot to be racing. >> the water was warm and he told me that friday. >> reporter: the 26-year-old died saturday in a 6.2-mile race. he hydrated. he slipped under the water a little under a mile from the finish. the referee said he died from exhaustion. three other swimmers were taken to the hospital and even the race's winner said it was really just too hot for racing.
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>> crip i know, who came from a prominent u.s. swimming family was closing in on his goal to make the olympic team. >> i have this great opportunity ahead of me and i'm looking to seize the moment. >> it was his whole life. >> usa team is calling for a full investigation into the death tonight. >> i'm sorry to say we are having some difficulty with that tape. but the results of an autopsy are not yet known. killed over a parking space. police officers mourn a -- nearly a thousand people attended today's funeral for detective bryan stephenson. he leaves behind a wife and 4 children and a police department that has lost 3 officers in less than a month. >> you know you're leading the place but you can't escape the personal grieve of it. >> this is not something that we have not gone through before
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so we will continue to support each other and hold each other's arms up as we come through this storm. >> tomorrow a flag that flew over the world trade center will arrive in baltimore as attribute to stephenson as well as tommy ford and james fowler who both lost their lives in recent car crashes. it is the definition of a dead heat. the face for maryland's race could go either way. the race that is. a new baltimore poll shows each capturing 40% of voters asked to weigh in. 14% say they are not yet sure who they will vote for and those voters could make the difference. the other vote, proposal a to allow slots near a mall. pat warren takes us on a journey to find out what's going on inside this debate. >> i made up my mind months
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ago. >> picked voters at random and asked about question a. >> yes, yes, yes. >> i'm against, voting against. >> i voted yes for it. >> i'm totally against that. >> 47% of volters polled say they favor question a, 45% are against question a, 8% are still not sure. >> the cord issue company yes, and no slots at the mall both smell victory. >> we were here and each poll has us doing better and i think momentum and the trend is very good. >> we have done excellent job with banking an e-mailing and talking to community groups an homeowners associations. >> despite the in roads made, 38% think race tracks are the best venue. 27% like the mall.
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if 18% had their druthers there would be no slots at all. but there's something to be said for choices. , reporting from -- i'm pat warren, now back to you on television hill. and in the race for maryland's next governor, current governor is pulling ahead of former governor bob you are lick. stay with us for the latest poll results, log on to no job and no notice, that's what happened too people who worked at e150 jobs were
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cut and now the workers are filing a class action lawsuit saying that disney did not give them the 60 days required notice. land in hot water. wjz is live outside city hall, kei jackson explains the new law. >> the business in question is a repeat offender. the city health department says a business called healthy choice john ice barbecue was fined $100 for violating the ban on trance fat. >> they have got some of the best food in the city. >> but some of the things may not be good for you. trans fats are all around us. they are in many of the foods that taste good but aren't necessarily good for us.
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they raise cholesterol. >> trans fat are bad for your health. >> reporter: last year the city en acted a ban on trans fat. which prohibited from selling food with. >> i love healthy choice, it's kind of ironic that healthy choice is the one offering the trans fat. >> reporter: the business is called healthy choice. the health department says it's an establishment that was already warned. in both cases marg ridden was -- marg erin. >> they found they still hadn't changed the product. >> because you have to look at your heart and you have to look at your blood pressure and when you look at that, that's when you end up falling short because you haven't been eating healthy. >> reporter: now the health department says if healthy choice is fined for a third
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time the city has the option of closing them down at that moment. at a later time they would have a hearing to decide whether to suspend their license all together. prepackaged tods foods are exempt. tonight the u.s. army sang car baa and the ravens their support for the troops fighting overseas. this season the ravens are wearing the national guard logos. just minutes away it's a drink becoming more popular, so what's in it. hiccup girl in handcuffs. now she's back in the news charged with murder. a secret drug lab lead to arrests at georgetown university. i'm mike cal gren, i'll tell
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you what the students are accused of manufacturing and what happened when they faced a judge today. very mild week, your first alert forecast coming up next. ,host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance?
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mammograms and other preventive services. well i'm proud to say i got the law changed. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know that being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition. it's 67 degrees, partly cloudy in central maryland
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right now. the forecast is coming right up. but first a cluster of tornadoes causes major damage in texas. this is what it looked like as the twister hit. the storm also turned over several cars. the national weather service says the tornado brought winds of 135 miles per hour. an overturned school bus is part of a deadly scene in los angeles. a bus struck and killed a pedestrian, it then hit the bus broadside trapping 18 teenagers. the two people in the karr now in custody. she made headlines as the hiccup girl. now have she is charged with murder. the 19-year-old lured a man she met online into a home where two of her friends robbed and shot him. she was afflicted with nonstop
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hiccups. mia is being held without bond. a maryland woman makes a personal plea to the cuban government to release her husband. allen gross was arrested 18 months ago and accused of spying. he works for an agency that provides humantarian aid. she blames the u.s. government for not doing enough to help. >> and i feel almost betrayed that here's a guy that was so dedicated and they haven't had the courtesy to even call me or talk to me. >> reporter: judy gross visited her husband this summer and said he is in poor health. after that visit she learns her 26-year-old daughter has been diagnosed with breast cancer. right under the nose of
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students a drug ring. mike hall gren report from the campus on what they were allegedly making and how it puts students at risk. >> reporter: all three of those arrested faced the judge just hours ago. say they uncovered the drug ring. it reportedly even had a ventilation system. they found a suitcase with a strong odd or, a pickle jar with red fluid and a turkey baster. 400 students had to be evacuated. all three of them appeared before a judge here at dc superior court where they heard the charges against them. the gunnel ordered john -- judge ordered john and -- held without bond. student genre man oh was --
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john rahman oh. it's used in clubs and costs about 30 bucs a hit. >> we did have several people that were exposed to the chemicals. >> it's a little bit disturbing but i definitely think -- >> reporter: police originally believed it was a meth lab. >> it's frustrating because it's georgetown. >> reporter: school officials declined to speak on camera about the arrests or the investigation. reporting life, mike hall gren. a controversial drink is being blamed with making students sick after drinking 4 loke oh, the inexpensive high energy drink has more than twice the alcoholic content of beer.
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it was originally thought that the date rape drug was used to spike the drink. it revolutionized the way we listened to music but now the walk man is officially out of batteries. sony announced it has stopped production of the player. it has since been eclipsed by digital devices. over 220 million have been sold. do you think that means that my walk man is valuable? >> maybe they are worth something. do you think they are worth something? >> i don't know, i paid maybe $15 for them. >> they say they cost $200. >> let's take a look at conditions now. a warm night, 67 degrees this time of night. our normal high is 64. 67 southwest winds, the barometer holding steady.
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68 in elkin, 63 in caramel. that's a cool spot. 67 down at pax river. we had a couple of showers to our north. really not much in the way of precipitation today. but we do expect to see some more coming back here on wednesday morning. southwest winds continue to bring this warm air in. i think the winds -- we could see some fog in areas. although we haven't had that much rain. looks like we're really going to get hit by some showers but they broke up a batch to our north. we were just caught in the tune as you can see. ocean city had a little bit. some showers down to the south but for tomorrow looks like a warm day. late tomorrow night and on wednesday the next system that approaches us will be a front. showers and thunderstorms will
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be with us. continue to get mild temperatures late thursday into friday. that's when some cooler air will move in. so we do have a chance of getting some shower activity late tomorrow night as the front approaches and again on wednesday. winds gusting as high as 29. so tonight cloudy skies, very warm. maybe some patchy fog. partly sunny, warm day, mid- 70s. late tomorrow night some showers move in and maybe a rumble of thunder. maybe some thunder down to 54, drier, 71, 45, much cooler for the rest of the week, 60 and 58 as we start the weekend, denise. thank you, coming up the ravens feel good about their record, but there's still room fofo,,,,,,,,
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ravens coach says he is content as the ravens stand 5-2. but they had some issues to tackle during their time off. one of those issues is tackling. while rolling up more than 500 yards of offense in one of the most stunning displays in the nfl this week. the ravens had several chances to stop the -- >> we didn't tackle on the seccary. i don't think we tackled very well at all. that was probably the biggest factor, there were probably 8 plays that we believe for big yards that could have been controlled with better tackling, so that was disappointmenting enterprising. >> reporter: on the offense of side he says he's hopeful that dante will be back. he's recovering from a broken foot and when he comes back he
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will be used to kick back returns, november 7th after a week off. vikings qb brett favre may get some unwanted time off. he's been diagnosed with some fractures in his ankle. favre wearing a protective boot today. he will not need surgery but his record game streak of 294 in a row is in jeopardy. the vikings play new england on saturday. a new orleans man remains hospitalized today after he suffered a severe head injury during the saints game yesterday. he was serving as the yard marker attendant at the bottom of the screen. he gets knocked down during punt coverage. the player visited him in the hospital where he's under constant observation. but the prognosis is good. there's a new manager hired.
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hair rell was the pitching coach for the boston red sox. but hair he will has never -- the world serious participants -- series participants are getting warmed up. the texas rangers rangers got one more practice. cliff lee will pitch game one in san fran wednesday night. yes, it's late october and there's still baseball. >> world series, just can't get too excited but maybe next year. maybe next year for the orioles. race for the finish line, race for the finish line, see how it endnd,,,,,,,,,,
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bob ehrlich is desperate, and he'll say anything to get elected. negative attacks the media have repeatedly called "dishonest" and "total malarkey." and why can't we trust bob ehrlich? because he raised taxes and fees by $3 billion then denied it... because he says he's for us, but made $2.5 million at a special interest lobbying firm. and ehrlich says he'll cut education again if elected governor. bob ehrlich-- a career politician we really can't trust.
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today, it's nearly double. and nearly a quarter of a million marylanders are looking for work. in addition, we face a national health care plan that will hurt small business and cost us jobs. so we have to ask, are you better off today than you were four years ago? we're heading in the wrong direction. we need strong leadership. say no to things we can't afford. fix our health care plan. and refuse to raise taxes. martin o'malley can't do it. i will. miles per houry skirts are causing -- mini skirts is causing a problem in one town.
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the mayor is -- one woman says she will call the mayor every morning so he can approve her wardrobe. we are talking about the weaner dog races in beaumont texas. prizes were given for the fastest, also for the best costume. the races raised money for a local charity. there's the mascot. hello, we'll be right back. ,,,,
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